Manufacture of furniture industry

Manufacture of furniture industry

When we talk about manufacturing, we talk about many characteristics and especially the quality of a product from its beginning to its end: material type, combination, alloy, labor, machinery, packaging, termination, etc ... a number of stages in the production of a product that makes us able to know in advance that the sale of the product will be reliable and according to the use in hospitality or contract.

That is why we carry out a thorough monitoring of the product, we audit the factory internally and externally in various production periods, since the raw material is acquired we make several checks to know that the alloy is correct and that its process will be good to melt aluminum or steel.

Subsequently we follow the work of the string, the wood and all the material that passes through our hands so that we finally have the guarantee that the product is in perfect condition for sale.

The manufacture of furniture for catering needs a high quality, making the best use of each material and the customer can enjoy it for a long time.

Numerous internal and external quality controls, both in manufacturing and in its load and transport, make our product unique.

This is an internal satisfaction that we later see reflected in the client and with which we are more and more happy to be able to show and move forward with the same purpose.