One of our distinguishing features has always been our rapid and reliable response, a symptom of our sincerity and our commitment to our customers.

We are determined to provide the customer with the response he or she expects insofar as, both quality and service are concerned. That is why Feyma works in different areas and with different materials to provide a wide variety of products with good finishes that always go hand-in-hand with an exceptional service - something for which Feyma has always been renowned.

Feyma offers the following services:

Exhibition and sale: Attention to the public during regular business hours, including an examination of the customer's needs for any project.

Transportation and distribution: A quick response via a transport network throughout the peninsula. We guarantee deliveries within 24/48 hours.

Carpentry: We are able to manufacture chairs to measure, in order to satisfy the customer’s desire for a new product. We also have a wide range of accessories and parts for each product.

Painting and varnishing: We offer a wide range of colours for each product, whether the material is wood, iron, aluminium, resin… all varnished to perfection.

Upholstery: Different categories of upholstery and a myriad of fabric colour charts to suit our customers’ tastes.

Edging and Advertising: Edging of covers, no matter whether the edges are made of aluminium, melamine, steel, compact… We also offer the possibility of customised covers over and above a given quantity.

Sale of contract furniture to retailers.
Distribution of contract furniture to large retail outlets.
Marketing our furniture catalogue by areas.

Contract furniture for POS campaigns in large retail outlets.
Furniture customised with the customer’s logo.
Design of unique furniture models for the contract furniture.

More than 25 years in the contract furniture industry.
Staff with more than 10 years’ experience in contract furniture.
Spacious showrooms in Madrid displaying furniture for indoor and outdoor furniture use.


Design of products for the contract furniture industry.
Innovation in new ergonomic shapes for each product.
Ongoing improvement of finishes for each product.

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