As far as any customer is concerned, the most important attribute of a product is its quality.

In Feyma, we pay close attention to this important detail as it is something we consider to be quite unique, and we endow each product with added values for an excellent finish.

When we talk about quality, we are talking about numerous characteristics: the type of material, combinations, alloys, strength and finishing. That is why we carry out a thorough follow-up of the product.

We work hard to ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality, and we endeavour to get the best out of each material so that our customers can enjoy their purchases for a long time to come.

Numerous internal and external quality controls make our products unique insofar as their quality and finish is concerned, a satisfaction that is reflected in the customer and that we are more and more content to be able to demonstrate as each day goes by.


Sale of contract furniture to retailers.
Distribution of contract furniture to large retail outlets.
Marketing our furniture catalogue by areas.

Contract furniture for POS campaigns in large retail outlets.
Furniture customised with the customer’s logo.
Design of unique furniture models for the contract furniture.

More than 25 years in the contract furniture industry.
Staff with more than 10 years’ experience in contract furniture.
Spacious showrooms in Madrid displaying furniture for indoor and outdoor furniture use.


Design of products for the contract furniture industry.
Innovation in new ergonomic shapes for each product.
Ongoing improvement of finishes for each product.

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