We are launching a new website for contract furniture

We are launching a new website for contract furniture

We are in luck, we give out to our new website dedicated to furniture to contract furniture.

In our new website you will find all our products such as chairs, armchairs, stools, stools, tables, table legs, separators, chill-out modules, braided rattan sofas, boards for all types of interior furniture and outdoor furniture or terrace.

Currently we are still under construction and soon we will offer our customers a product drop down with all possible variants where you can choose all combinations such as upholstery, varnishes, lacquers, paints, finishes, rattan marlins, textilene, board types, etc ...

The idea from the beginning is to work in a way that you can place an order and there is all the data for it with a simple click on each product.

We hope that this improvement is an important advance and that you can enjoy it as we do in your process.

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