Feyma was founded in 1994, and right from the outset the company’s idea was to seek out commercial relations to establish regular customers who are still with us today, more than 25 years later.

The company grew each year, until it became firmly established in the market. Once that foundation had been laid, Feyma travelled to different continents to search for alternatives and materials with which to create new quality products.

Permanent Stock

Nowadays, the company continues to work along the same lines, designing product ranges to make sure we keep our customers satisfied.

Feyma has a permanent stock of more than 98,000 products which allows us to ensure that the customer will always be able to obtain any product quickly.

In addition, to help you find the product you need, Feyma has two different showrooms, one displaying contract furniture for indoor use and another displaying contract furniture for outdoor use, covering a total of floor space of 600 m2.


Sale of contract furniture to retailers.
Distribution of contract furniture to large retail outlets.
Marketing our furniture catalogue by areas.

Contract furniture for POS campaigns in large retail outlets.
Furniture customised with the customer’s logo.
Design of unique furniture models for the contract furniture.

More than 25 years in the contract furniture industry.
Staff with more than 10 years’ experience in contract furniture.
Spacious showrooms in Madrid displaying furniture for indoor and outdoor use.


Design of products for the contract furniture industry.
Innovation in new ergonomic shapes for each product.
Ongoing improvement of finishes for each product.

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